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The Faculty of Sciences and Technology–Basque Coast (UFR )

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology–Basque Coast (UFR) is a school of the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (UPPA). It provides general education at undergraduate level in physics, chemistry, and life sciences, but also 2 vocational undergraduate degrees in:

  • Development and Management of Water Resources (sandwich course)
  • Biology applied to Exploited Ecosystems 

It also offers:

  • A Masters in Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems at the Science Faculty (UFR) (DYNEA-Anglet)
  • A NUMEAC Masters in Nutrition and Metabolism of Aquatic Species (in conjunction with INRA in St PEE sur NIVELLE)
  • A Masters 2 sandwich course in Coast Eco-engineering (in partnership with the IUT-ESTIA-FACULTY OF SCIENCE)


ISA BTP (Aquitaine Higher Institute of Building and Public Works) is an engineering school offering a 5-year higher education course.

It is part of the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) and also a member of the Bordeaux INP (National Polytechnic Institute) group of engineering schools in the Aquitaine region.

ISA BTP has 215 students across the 5 year groups and trains engineers in three specialisations, including Civil and Maritime Engineering (Public Works).


CFIUP (University International Vocational Training Centre) – Bayonne Sports Management and Business Administration

CFIUP's objective is to train multi-skilled operational managers in the sports/leisure, professional sports and boardsports fields.The aim is to prepare young graduates for management jobs covering engineering, development and management roles, and to meet the demand for professional development training for adults and continuing education.

Bayonne CFIUP is a University of Bordeaux site.

In particular, it offers a Masters specialised in Boardsports under the umbrella of the University of Bordeaux's Masters in Sports Management and Engineering.

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