Inauguration of the "Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral" Chair

Created by the ESTIA in association with the Today Tomorrow Textiles foundation and two companies, Lectra and JPS Conseil, the "Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral" Chair dedicated to innovative, sustainable materials of the future will be inaugurated at Izarbel on Thursday 30 November.

This new Chair, which has been set up for a three-year period based at the Olatu Leku business incubator, will be operational from the beginning of 2018. The aim of the "Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral" Chair is to help the fashion ecosystem - from the creation of new textiles to the selling of clothing - to become a driving force in future disruptive technology.

This new Chair is the result of the association of four players:

    The ESTIA(higher school of advanced industrial technologies), which is based on the Izarbel Technology Park;

    The Today Tomorrow Textiles foundation, an emanation of the textile industry, which aims to accelerate research into and the promotion of textile solutions, more particularly in the sustainable development and humanitarian fields;

    Lectra, a company that is world number one integrated technological solutions (software, automatic cutting machinery and associated services) dedicated to companies using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials in the manufacturing of their products;

    JPS Conseil, a development consultancy set up by Jean-Pierre Mocho, a former manufacturer and licence holder for several major French brands, and former president of the UFIH (French Union of Apparel Industries) and the Fédération française du prêt-à-porter féminin (French Women's Ready-to-Wear Federation).

The "Biarritz Active Lifestyle Integral" Chair will be inaugurated at the ESTIA on Thursday 30 November 2017 in the presence of designer Olivier Lapidus, the Chair's sponsor. Round table discussions will be held on topics such as "Innovation: a lever for revitalising consumption in the fashion industry" and "Disruptive approaches to regaining attractiveness in the product offering and optimising processes" and demonstrations will be given of innovative solutions.

Programme and registration:

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