The Agglomeration's work in favour of economic development

technopole cote basque bayonne vue du ciel
Bayonne aerial view - Basque Coast–Adour Agglomeration - © Balloide-photo

The Basque Coast–Adour Agglomeration is implementing a proactive policy to promote economic development, innovation and research. It demonstrates its industrial ambitions, creating economic zones to boost employment and building on the development of expertise-driven technology parks. The agglomeration’s policy mirrors the high quality of the territory and its economic needs.

Among its daily actions, the Basque Coast-Adour agglomeration:

  • encourages the development of technology parks within its territory. It drives and strengthens the structuring of sectors of excellence through the Basque Coast Technology Cluster.
  • develops the real estate offering: it works to reinforce capacity to host new businesses and to develop and create new zones for economic activity, for example at Aritxague Melville - Lynch in Anglet.
  • supports companies from the region with their development projects. Regarding financial support, for example, it is trialling an 'Innovation Workshop' call for projects dedicated to start-ups developing an innovative product.
  • contributes to the attractiveness of major economic facilities (Port de Bayonne, Airport and the European Freight Centre).
  • contributes to boosting higher education and researchin the territory. It supports the development of training, in particular by providing grants for laboratories, as well as research funding, funding for research chairs, support for student life, etc. 


© Balloide-photo
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