Assets of the territory

Vue aérienne Côte Basque ©SARL-PHOTO-AERIENNE-TIRAGE

In the New Aquitaine region and at the heart of the Basque Bayonne – San Sebastian Eurocité, the Basque - Adour Agglomeration is situated close to the foothills of the Pyrenees, surrounded by a stunning natural environment and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

It is ideally located at both national and cross-border economic crossroads. The area has a world-renowned quality of life, contributing to its appeal.

It also enjoys first-class infrastructure (Port de Bayonne, the airport, TGV stations, European Freight centre), an expanding teaching and training offering, as well as a proven economic dynamic.

The agglomeration has attracted industrial superpowers such as Dassaut Aviation (with over 1,000 employees), Celsa, Technoflex, etc.

Some of its technology parks are part of business hubs or competitiveness clusters, such as Technocité, which is a part of Aerospace Valley.

In 2015, the Basque Coast-Adour Agglomeration included 20,165 establishments providing 74,782 jobs. 


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