The Basque Coast Technology Cluster Brand

The Basque Coast-Adour Agglomeration has long supported a technology cluster ecosystem. The Basque Coast Technology Cluster includes several sites:

  1. Izarbel in Bidart, dedicated to digital services and industries,
  2. Technocité in Bayonne, specialised in the domains of aerospace and advanced materials,
  3. Arkinova in Anglet, a sustainable construction campus currently under development
  4. Not forgetting the future ID Ocean site in Biarritz, dedicated to ocean technologies and industries.

The technology parks accommodate strategic economic activities with high added value. Equipped with business accelerators and incubators, they are also places for creativity and innovation.
Furthermore, these parks foster collaboration between economic agents and academic players by hosting higher education institutes, research laboratories and technological research centres.

In 2015, following an audit of the main missions of the technology parks (incubating innovative projects, facilitating sectors of excellence, regional marketing), the RETIS network extended Izarbel's 'Technopole' technology park accreditation to a larger area, covering the agglomeration as a whole. 

Today, this 'Basque Coast Technopole' technology cluster aims to:

  • encourage interaction and collaboration between complementary parks
  • strengthen the agglomeration's innovation ecosystem
  • establish an identity and a territorial brand linked to the municipality's technology parks, and to develop their appeal