The Arrosia Project in development at Arkinova


Camille Suarez, who recently set up business at the Arkinova Business generator, has patented a project for using maritime pine resin in industrial applications. To develop the process, Camille Suarez is looking for a business associate with technical and scientific skills.

It was to promote the local area’s available natural resources in search of new outlets that Camille Suarez took an interest in tree sap in order to find out about its technical properties. The findings of the research materialised in December 2018 when she filed a patent including information about her formulation, which she called “Ecopin”, its composition and manufacturing process.

During the summer of 2018, Camille Suarez set up a research and design office, called Arrosia (pine resin in Gascon), specialised in the development of new, 100% renewable materials. Camille Suarez first set up at the Izarbel-based business incubator but has now joined the Arkinova-based business generator and is backed by the Basque Country Urban Authority.

Testing in companies

To develop the material, Camille Suarez has worked with pilot customers like S-Wings, the Basque surfboard fins brand, or VillaCampa, the manufacturer of handmade, wooden skis, based in the Pyrenees. She has also worked with the Compositadour technology platform based at Technocité and has been in discussion with the designer Jean-Louis Iratzoki. “These projects enabled me to understand the technical and economic challenges facing materials”, she summarized.

In addition to the Arkinova ecosystem, Camille Suarez is working with the
Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for Environment and Materials(IPREM) in Pau and the Xylomat platform in Mont-de-Marsan. From next January, she will be backed by the Holiste Company, in the framework of a partnership. At Arkinova, Camille Suarez is developing a product properties improvement programme with the aim of being operational in autumn 2020. To help her with this project, she is looking for a business associate with technical and scientific skills.

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