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Créaluz Supporting Eco-Innovative Projects


The Basque Country Conurbation business incubator & prototyping workshop, Créaluz, is up and running. Professional support as well as machinery, hardware and tools are available to project sponsors and innovative companies.

Located in the Jalday area of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Créaluz is a 1500-square-meter building devoted to supporting eco-design project sponsors, in particular in the field of surfing, boating and water sports. The business incubator coupled with a prototyping workshop (formerly called ‘Halle Créative’) is a new tool at the service of sustainable innovation aimed at reinforcing a center of expertise in eco-design, flexible materials and intelligent technical textiles.

Housing a 320-square-meter business incubator with 50 workstations in an open space (broadband internet, phone service, copier, specialized press), Créaluz also offers a 200-square-meter rapid prototyping workshop available to project sponsors who can benefit from personalized support for company development from Basque Country Conurbation teams. The Créaluz workshop does not provide manufacturing services, however companies can come to make their own prototypes, and acquire the technical skills required for working on their own.

1) The 3D-printing room is equipped with an additive manufacturing machine-tool using material deposition designed by the company Lynxter. The machine offers a choice of manufacturing technology (thermoplastic filaments and liquid deposition, especially silicones) and supports multiple applications such as rapid prototyping, manufacturing emergency parts, and creating molds, etc. Six PCs with vector graphics and CAD software are also available.

2) The electronic systems prototyping room offers tools for soldering and assembling electronic components as well as for programming.

3)  The workbench room offers a large table for cutting, assembling and machining rigid materials. A laser-cutting machine is also available. A whole range of small hand tools is accessible on a large workbench.

4) The flexible materials room is designed for working on light and heavy textiles. Four sewing machines (three industrial stitchers and one overlock machine) are set up as well as a transfer sublimation heat press machine. 

5) A photo & video studio with cameras, lighting and several backgrounds as well as image editing/graphics software are available.

6) A 150-square-meter conference hall and café area are available for hosting incubator or industry events, and networking between stakeholders. Two meeting rooms (seating capacity of 25 and 15) can also be rented.

Contact: crealuz(at)

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