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Engineering for renewable marine energy

An engineering company specialized in applied offshore and sub-marine engineering consultancy, Kraken Subsea Solutions is offering alternative installation methodologies adapted to the renewable marine energy sector, as part of the Ocean Start initiative, carried by the Pays Basque Urban Authority.


“For around fifteen years, I’ve been working in the offshore sector, specifically on issues related to underwater projects, and I created a company, Kraken Subsea Engineering, then more recently, Kraken Subsea Solutions, in a joint venture with the Aventa group, experts in ultra-deepwater issues for offshore petrol solutions. “We are specialized in the installation of underwater cables and sea-based structures,” Arnaud Etchart tells us from his offices at Izarbel.


Kraken Subsea Solutions’ three employees at the Bidart R&D engineering center and about ten employees at their Paris headquarters make up a structure that is dedicated to the renewable marine energy sector. “Our clients are international groups and French tidal stream generation sector SMEs, the technology that uses marine currents to produce electricity, as well as floating wind turbines, and the sea’s thermal energy. We are providing support for this myriad of projects, from the research and development stages right up to operational roll-out,” specified Arnaud Etchart. 


Along the Basque coast, Kraken Subsea Solutions is fully engaged in the initiative led by the Pays Basque Urban Authority in the marine energy sector. Arnaud Etchart participated in the presentation of the BlueSare* project during the 3rd annual “Bilbao Marine Energy Week” on 31 March. “This is a French initiative unfolding in renewable marine energy with real local and national potential. Creating a borderless ecosystem in the Basque region is very promising,” he observes. We will then be seeing Arnaud Etchart and his team in the development projects of this up-and-coming sector, assisted by the Pays Basque Urban Authority, notably with Ocean Start, the future technology park dedicated to the blue economy.


* Led by “Cluster de Energia” in partnership with the Pays Basque Urban Authority, the Blue Sare project aims to support the development of a regional European service offering, dedicated to renewable marine energies.

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