The extension of Compositadour supported by a thesis

Camille Vernejoux ©Agglo/V.Biard

Camille Vernejoux, whose thesis is 90% financed by the Agglomération Pays Basque, is undertaking research directly linked to the current extension of the Compositadour technology platform on the Technocité technology park in Bayonne.

Camille Vernejoux began her thesis in January 2019 – planned for a duration of 36 months – at the ESTIA Engineering School in Izarbel. This thesis, 90% financed by the Agglomération Pays Basque, is entitled ‘mechanical modelling of the manufacturing process of thermoplastic composites’. It is being produced within the Compositadour technology platform dedicated to advanced materials. “The point of a thesis is to bring innovation to the community to which it is attached,” explains Camille Vernejoux.

“It’s work done ahead of two manufacturing processes in line with the new equipment at Compositadour, consisting of a stamping press to produce 3D shapes of composite parts. Two machines and a kiln make up this equipment, which will occupy part of the Compositadour extension,” she details. The extension of the Compositadour building is currently under construction. It will provide an additional 600 square metres and should be operational by the end of November.

The thermoplastic stamping line has already been delivered by its supplier and will need a month’s installation before start-up. “This equipment will enable us to manufacture parts with high added value, to make this technology accessible to businesses, and to develop research and development programmes for major groups,” states Camille Vernejoux.

This technology is mainly focussed on the aeronautics sector as it is intended for the design of primary structural parts with high mechanical resistance. The idea is to manufacture preforms with the Compositadour fibre placement robots, then stamp them in very rapid cycles. We should note that Camille Vernejoux’s work is carried out sustainably by reusing, as much as possible, carbon materials that are already manufactured. 

Four theses financed by the Agglomération Pays Basque at Compositadour

In addition to the research work of Camille Vernejoux, the Agglomération Pays Basque is financing three further theses at Compositadour. Cécile Leroy Dubief is working on the design rules of metallic additive manufacturing, Isciane Caprais on the addition of function by polymer additive manufacture and Antoine Lauvray on the design of a new process for metallic additive manufacture.

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