Publication of Basque Country Observatoire Économique 2019

The Basque Country Observatoire Économique is an annual overview of the economy in the Basque Country, published by the Basque Country Conurbation Authority in partnership with the Bayonne-Basque Country Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Atlantic-Pyrénées Urban Planning Agency.

The 8-page overview published for the fifth year in a row draws a picture of the Basque Country Conurbation (CAPB) in 2019. It shows the Basque Country’s population growth and distribution by territory as well as the distribution of businesses and jobs. Consequently, with a population of 306,306, the CAPB is the 2nd ranking conurbation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, counting 50,219 businesses in 2019, i.e. a 15% increase over 5 years. The entrepreneurial dynamics, job market and breakdown of jobs by sector of activity are also presented in detail in this issue of the Basque Country Observatoire Économique 2019.

Download in PDF format:

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