Lynxter associates with the Limoges Ceramics Technology Transfer Centre to innovate in additive manufacturing

La machine-outil de fabrication additive S600D ©Lynxter

The company, based at Technocité, in association with CTTC Limoges, is developing a comprehensive and innovative solution which makes the additive manufacturing of technical ceramic parts possible.

Lynxter, a young start-up, was set up at Technocité, the Bayonne-based Technology Park, in 2017.The company designs and builds industrial machine-tools for additive manufacturing. Its flagship model is the S600D. It was precisely for the latter that the Limoges Ceramics Technology Transfer Centre developed a tool head which makes it possible to use multiple industrial applications using technical ceramics for the aerospace, medical and electronics sectors.

The project with CTTC of Limoges, the main French support structure for innovation in the field of ceramic techniques, and Lynxter of Bayonne was carried out over several months and was presented in the framework of the Lyon 3D Print Trade Fair (from June 4 to 6). The advantage of the S600D machine tool is its versatility: the user can modify the tool head to change the manufacturing material at any time. The S600D makes polymer or silicone printing possible and its association with the CTTC of Limoges broadens its scope of application to technical ceramics.

This technology enables numerous applications to be used: from prototyping to the small-scale manufacturing of intricate parts. Therefore, such solutions are mainly directed towards industrials, laboratories and technology transfer centres, to establishments as well as fablabs. The offer in terms of machines is provided directly by Lynxter and its distributors.  


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