Certifications and Qualifications for Tekniaero

Stéphane Azcué devant un sous-ensemble de Falcon 900. ©Agglo/V.Biard

In the summer of 2018, four audits confirmed the expertise of Tekniaero, a company based at the Technocité Technology Park, specialized in producing detail parts and sub-assemblies for the aerospace industry.

In January 2017, Stéphane Azcué founded Tekniaero, a company catering to the aerospace industry, based at Technocité Technology Park in Bayonne. The company produces equipment parts for airliners, private jets and military aircraft using aluminium sheets that are cut, folded, welded or stamped.

“The first year, we built the factory. The second, we broke into the markets. For the third year, in 2019, our goal is to stabilize production,” explains Stéphane Azcué. The factory covers 800 m² of the Hegazkin building and features a complete range of machines (machining centre, digitally-controlled router, hydraulic press, welding equipment, qualified aeronautics assembly area, control room equipped with computer-assisted production management and CAD/CAM technology). It recently added a paint booth that can also serve as a heat chamber.

European Certification

Four audits performed by ordering institutions allowed Tekniaero to obtain the certifications and validations needed to meet the requirements of aircraft manufacturers.  "For Dassault, we were qualified for sheet metal parts and we are now qualified for assembling and producing aircraft sub-assemblies,” says Stéphane Azcué. Airbus Group and Stelia Aerospace also granted several qualifications. Finally, the European EN 9100 quality certification for the aerospace sector was renewed.

“We are also developing trade relations with the Safran Group,” explains Stéphane Azcué. After the industrialization phase involving tests, prototyping, machine adjustments and tool manufacturing, the Tekniaero team will begin mass producing the parts. The team of about ten people will expand next year when the company plans to hire five more employees.


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