Dab Motors launches its project

Dab Motors was one of the winners of the Basque Country Urban Authority’s Innovation Workshop’s latest call for projects for its motorcycle, which is customisable via a digital platform project. Dab Motors has today launched this universally unique concept.

Motorcycle enthusiasts can now order the LM-S online: a motorcycle which is totally customisable via the digital platform launched by Simon Dabadie of Dab Motors in June. The LM-S is a 500cc motorcycle with a single-cylinder engine, a frame, and parts (brakes, shock absorbers, and tyres, etc.) that are mass produced by well-known brands on the motorcycle market. Simon Dabadie then assembles them to create a unique model. What gives the LM-S its bespoke identity is the customisation offered by the digital platform designed by Dab motors: via 3D software, the client can build his/her motorcycle to the slightest detail, and thus acquire a unique, accredited model.

Simon Dabadie was a winner at the Atelier de l’Innovation’s 6th call for projects, organised by the Basque Country Urban Authority in association with ESTIA engineering school, for his digital platform for the design and marketing of a customisable motorcycle project. He received 30,000 euros in December 2018 to develop this innovative project and was backed by ESTIA. Simon set up his company in the workshops at the Technocité incubator in Bayonne and works with the Compositadour and Addimadour technology platforms to make prototypes or do research. Simon Dabadie is an ESTIA-qualified engineer who started his business from the Izarbel-based ESTIA Entreprendre incubator at the beginning of 2016. He is today the first manufacturer of customisable motorcycles.

Website: dabmotors.com

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