3D printing for industrial projects

Pierre Amouyal ©Agglo/V.Biard
Pierre Amouyal ©Agglo/V.Biard

Pierre Amouyal is an expert in 3D plastics printing and is developing a consulting and project management service for businesses that wish to create a prototype or a pre-series.


Based at the Technocité Technology Park in Bayonne since June 2016 when he started his business, Pierre Amouyal is a specialist in 3D plastics printing, technology that is gaining ground in the industry. “It is an emerging market and more open than 3D metal printing. Our business, PR-CUBE offers technology intelligence, supplier referrals, consulting and solution recommendations,” explains this ENSAM engineer with 25 years of professional experience in the industry and plastics processing.

His business is evolving in the Technocité incubator set up and financed by the Urban Authority to host and assist the region’s businesses.


Pierre Amouyal is mainly working for engineers and consultancy studies. He offers to find a provider adapted to their project, and guides them in the choice of materials amongst the hundred-odd different materials available for 3D plastics printing.


Pierre Amouyal is assisting DSDI, for example, a business that is also based at the Technocité business incubator. “I assisted them in creating industrial-use drone structures and casings that are currently under development. Almost serial-production parts.”


With PR-CUBE, Pierre Amouyal is also offering a delegated project management service with a panel of partners covering the whole spectrum of 3D printing technologies.

Winner of the Réseau Entreprendre Adour at the start of 2017 for a 3D supply project for very small parts obtained by injecting plastics into 3D printed molds, the businessman counts on becoming the “specialist additive plastics manufacturing for technical prototypes and quick tooling.”


To be noted that his business participates in the technology park’s strong tendency towards additive manufacturing, along with the upcoming opening of Addimadour, a technological platform funded by the Urban Authority.

To find out more: http://www.pr-cube.com

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