Three companies from Technocité attend the Toulouse Aerospace Industry Convention

Pika, Compositadour and GeonX are companies from the Technocité site in Bayonne specialised in aerospace and composite materials. They are among 2,500 attendees of the Aeromart Convention, an international business convention for the aviation and space industries, taking place in Toulouse until 1 December.

These companies will enjoy use of the Côte Basque–Adour Agglomeration stand to demonstrate their expertise in aviation, represent the sector in the region, and share the drive shown in these areas of excellence. It's also an opportunity for them to meet new prospects and lay the groundwork for new contracts.

Aeromart 2016 is focused on the theme of avionics, and provides a platform for networking and discussions between manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and all aviation services subcontractors and suppliers at international level. With almost 15,000 business meetings planned and the presence of the sector's international leaders, Aeromart is now established as the biggest aviation industry event worldwide.

Claire Pinatel  ©Agglo/V.Biard

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