How to Simplify International Mobility

Claire Pinatel  ©Agglo/V.Biard
Claire Pinatel ©Agglo/V.Biard

Founded by Claire Pinatel with two partners, the website simplifies the administrative processes for those moving abroad or coming to settle in France.


The idea is to make life easier for expats when it comes to the admin required to emigrate from France or to relocate there', explains Claire Pinatel. Having lived in Turkey, Congo, Canada, and Spain for professional reasons, the economic strategy and development expert came up with the idea for a new service called The platform is designed to save precious time and to ensure that nothing is forgotten when completing the administrative processes required for international relocations. 


Claire Pinatel created the online service with two business partners before setting up at ESTIA Entreprendre accelerator in September 2016 to receive support from Bpifrance. Expateo offers a free mobile phone app to help with planning and to provide a range of à la carte services. In particular, these services include a smart tool for cancelling everyday contracts online and personalised support from a team of legal experts.


'We propose to automate everything that can be automated and provide added value in the form of support', adds Claire Pinatel. The services offered by have already won over companies looking to simplify the process of relocating their executives or clients. Now, is targeting private individuals, and partnerships with international relocation professionals in France and abroad have already been established. Naturally, the website is in both French and English to reach both French and foreign clients.  


A team of five people – including two based at the Izarbel Technology Park – is devoted to the company: in addition to Claire Pinatel, the team is made up of a legal expert, two developers, and a web marketing expert. Their ambition is to create additional jobs in the years to come.

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