The Izarbel technology park, a 25-acre site in Bidart, is specialised in advanced technology.

It is home to software publishers, IT consulting firms, internet pure players, digital communications companies, etc.

With over 100 companies and nearly 1,000 employees, an incubator, an accelerator, 3 business centres, the ESTIA engineering school with 750 students, and digital cluster Pays Basque Digital, Izarbel features major assets making it a full-service and dynamic technology park, in addition to being the first to be set up and managed by the agglomeration.

In order to meet the demands of companies looking to set up there, the agglomeration and the Municipality of Bidart have decided to expand the area to nearly 40 acres.

The Urban Development Zone is currently being created with the aim of opening the first buildings in 2020.

Technopole Izarbel - vue aérienne © Balloïde Photo
Technopole Izarbel - vue aérienne © Balloïde Photo