A New Business Model for On Rewind

The sporting event broadcasting platform is now leasing its service to Federations, Leagues, and events organisers. 


'We now rent out our video player rather than supplying it free of charge with funds generated by advertising on our platform', explains Rémi Chasles, who co-founded the start-up in January 2015 with Romain Violleau.


On Rewind is an enriched video on demand (VOD) service that allows viewers to watch sporting competitions and events in their entirety or in part. In this way, users can personalise their viewing: re-watch an entire competition, appearances by their favourite athlete, or just one particular moment.


The young company counts the French Football Federation among its clients, with the National Championship, equivalent to the third division. Every Friday during the championship season, eight matches are broadcast live on the national.fff.frwebsite via the interactive On Rewind service. A dozen contributors hired by the company work live to enhance the match experience by picking out the highlights and what makes them unique.


'On Rewind provides live streaming and highlights, but also enables sharing on social networks, significantly increasing event visibility', promises Rémi Chasles. This exclusive system has won over the French Football Federation and projects are even in the works with the International Football Federation. Tests are also under way with the French National Rugby League.


Drawing on its seven-strong team, the start-up, based at Izarbel Technology Park, became a profitable business in September 2016. Fundraising is under way to kick-start international growth for this young and innovative company. 


Find out more: www.onrewind.com


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