Jacques and Mireille Pere-Laperne Return to the Incubator

Jacques Pere-Laperne  ©Agglo/V.Biard
Jacques Pere-Laperne ©Agglo/V.Biard

Founders of Algo'Tech Informatique, a company created in 1999 at the ESTIA incubator, Jacques and Mireille Pere-Laperne have returned to the incubator to develop a new research and development project there. 


Together, they launched the Algo'Tech Informatiquecompany in 1999 at the ESTIA incubator. The company developed further in the adjoining accelerator with the help of their two sons Arnaud and Alexandre. Algo'Tech informatique then moved to the Business Hotel – also located on the Izarbel Technology Park – before being sold to Jean-Michel Petolat in 2013.


Algo'Tech specialises in software solutions that take care of all the requirements involved in the creation of electrical diagrams and technical documentation. Now, Jacques and Mireille Pere-Laperne have turned their attention from designing the documents that are produced by software to how they are used, with the aim of developing a new idea. 'We piloted research and development projects when we ran Algo'Tech, and for a long time I've wanted to conduct further research.'


Based at the ESTIA incubator since October 2016, he will write a thesis over a three-year period on the subject of restructuring unstructured documents and in industrial and IT innovation consulting. 


His aim is to develop a system to analyse documents (for example PDF and vector files, printed documents, etc.) capable of reconstituting the basic information in order to rework it. This applies to all documents incorporating both text and graphics, such as methodology documents, design plans, building plans, and electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic diagrams, etc.


'If the research we are conducting is successful, we are then thinking of spending two years manufacturing the product', explain the inventors, who envisage selling the final system of analysis.



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