Reinforcing the MANTA Chair

Nelly Brugerolle De Fraissinette ©DR

The MANTA Chair E2S UPPA now includes a team of ten researchers, students and research engineers. Nelly Brugerolle De Fraissinette, a research engineer, coordinates the work of this team spread between the laboratories of Pau and Anglet.

Launched in autumn 2018, the MANTA partnership research Chair (MAriNemaTeriAls) is led by Susana Fernandes, research professor at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA). The MANTA Chair brings together five doctoral theses working on four subjects: the development of marine bio-resources, the development of sustainable, bio-inspired materials, the impact of bio-materials on human health, the impact of bio-materials on the marine environment. 

Nelly Brugerolle De Fraissinette arrived last July after a university career combining oceanography and blue biotechnologies, with periods of work and study in several European countries. “In the MANTA Chair, my role is to assist with ongoing research projects, to help design future projects, to communicate with the general public and the scientific community about the work of the Chair, and to be a link between the laboratories of Pau and Anglet,” she explains.

And soon a junior Chair

At the beginning of 2021 four new members will join the team and a junior Chair will be launched next April. This junior Chair, going under the name of MANTAzyme, will focus on developing enzyme tools for extracting and modifying marine molecules.

Scheduled over five years at the Laboratoire IPREM (Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physical Chemistry for the Environment and Materials), a joint Research unit of UPPA and the CNRS, the MANTA Chair E2S UPPA is supported by the Communauté Pays Basqueunder its university development scheme and in line with its roadmap for the blue economy.

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