This 121-acre site located at the heart of Anglet is dedicated to sustainable construction.

The Basque Coast–Adour Agglomeration's aim for the Arkinova site, currently under development, is to encourage collaborations between higher education institutions, laboratories, and companies working in the eco-construction sector.

Part of the site is already used by industry specialists: the Nobatek technological resources centre, the ISA BTP engineering school, the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour laboratories, Cantau college, and the Fédération Compagnonnique des Métiers du Bâtiment [Federation of Construction Professions].

The technology campus is centred around three core elements:

  • the business generator: this new generation incubator-accelerator, completed in July 2016, includes workshops, offices, and technological facilities. It can host almost 25 companies. Some have already set up in the building.
  • an industrial research chair developed with UPPA and Nobatek/INEF4
  • the ISA LAB project run with the SA BTP.