Ecopin resin from the Arrosia Company is now being industrialised

Camille Suarez ©Agglo/V.Biard

This new 100% renewable material named Ecopin has been patented by Camille Suarez. Made from maritime pine, Ecopin resin can now be used for industrial applications. Established at the Arkinova Business Generator in Anglet, the Arrosia Company has the support of the Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque (Pays Basque urban area authority). Interview with Camille Suarez.

As 2020 winner of the innovation workshop, you will be receiving a 25,000-euro package. Which project won you the award and how are you going to use this subsidy?

The project we presented involved the industrialisation phase of our resin. Up to now, our production was at laboratory scale. We expect to increase our production from a few dozen kilos to a few hundred kilos. That requires equipment but also human resources.

Where are you in your research and development of Ecopin resin?

The patent has been filed and we have optimised the first formulation of Ecopin. We have been marketing our product since autumn 2020 in the form of samples from one to eight kilos. So the aim is to offer several hundreds or even thousands of kilos. We are also working on new formulations to create our materials catalogue. These formulations derived from Ecopin resin will be able to meet the technical requirements of new sectors of application.

What applications have been developed with this Ecopin resin?

We have three sectors of application at the moment: sport & leisure, furniture, and fashion. There are lots of projects which must remain confidential but the themes are close to the POCs (proofs of concept) we worked on with partner clients such as surfboard fins and furniture.

You are leaving the incubator for the Arkinova Business Generator. How does that work?

We are staying on the Arkinova site and we transferred to the business accelerator on the 1st of January. So we left the incubator at Arkistart and moved into our own premises in the Business Generator. We are now a team of five with my partner, a specialist engineer in composite materials, a young researcher in materials chemistry, a materials intern and an intern in communications and marketing. And we are seeking to recruit a young PhD student this year.


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