Sodium Cycles is preparing the second version of its electric two-wheeler, Xubaka

©Sodium Cycles

After carrying out around a hundred tests on their first prototype, Sodium Cycles is preparing a new version of its electric two-wheeled vehicle for September. The company’s aim is to certify and then market this original vehicle, which was designed at the Izarbel Technology Park and is now developed at the Arkinova Business Generator.  

"We have developed an electric two-wheel vehicle equivalent to 50cm3 which is unique due to its rotor hub, a drive system built into the rear wheel, its aesthetic appearance and customization,” explains Benoît Marty, head of Sodium Cycles. The business was founded at the ESTIA Entreprendre incubator in Izarbel in March 2018 and moved to the Arkinova Business Generator in September this year.

“This Xubaka by Sodium Cycles will be sold on the electric scooter market, although it doesn’t look like a traditional scooter," says Benoît Marty.  Some one hundred user tests have been carried out on the first prototype, and now a new version of Xubaka is being built. The second prototype will be unveiled next January at the CES show in Las Vegas as part of a range to compete in the CES awards.

Version 2 should be completed in September, and Benoît Marty aims to get this “soft mobility project” certified and marketed in time for Christmas. A pre-production series of ten Xubaka should be built. According to Benoît Marty, every customer will have a tailor-made product with an original design as "Xubaka is crafted skilfully and responsibly in the heart of the Basque Country".  

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