A Smart Box for Cars

Designed by Aguila Technologies based in Izarbel, the Cariboo smart box will be officially launched at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2017. Cariboo offers an innovative approach to smart vehicles with services such as location sharing and optimised journeys.


'Cariboo provides a small smart box that's compatible with all car models and is linked to a smartphone application. By connecting a vehicle to a smartphone app, we want to meet the need many drivers have for a smart vehicle', explains Hubert Forgeot, founder of Aguila Technologies, a company based at the Izarbel Technology Park.


Cariboo tracks the position of the vehicle in real time and shares it with the driver's community. Cariboo makes it possible to geolocate a vehicle, to set the authorised drivers once they've been identified, to read their journey data, and to receive an alert when the vehicle moves. Fitted with sensors and in-built GPS, Cariboo works throughout Europe.


'It took 18 months to develop this smart box and application.  The use of technologies developed by Aguila in the past five years has been essential, particularly for miniaturisation and the algorithms used to analyse data', explains Hubert Forgeot. Cariboo is made in France with some parts even produced in the Basque country. Cariboo will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks.


The box will be officially launched at the CES in Las Vegas (from 5 to 8 January 2017), the biggest international show dedicated to electronic technological innovation for the general public. Once more signalling innovation within the smart device sector, Aguila Technologies has proven its expertise in all stages of the life cycle of technology products.


About Aguila Technologies

A high-tech company specialised in connected electronic systems and smart devices, Aguila Technologies was created at the Izarbel Technology Park in 2009 by Hubert Forgeot, and today employs fifteen people.  In 2013, Aguila Technologies received an award following the 'Innovation Workshop' call for projects made by the Basque Coast–Adour Agglomeration.


Find out more: www.my-cariboo.comaguila.fr

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