The Rezto application extends throughout the area

The web platform, site & application which provides a tool dedicated to restaurant owners and their customers is currently being extended throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and almost one hundred restaurants have already subscribed.

Flore Bonnard, who was a restaurant owner for some ten years, set up the Rezto start-up in spring 2018 at the Izarbel-based ESTIA Entreprendre Business Generator to provide a digital link between restaurant owners and their customers. The Rezto application developed in collaboration with Pascal Larrandaburu and Mickaël Canu, enables restaurant owners to enter a digital profile for their establishment, without any digital skills required. The service was designed for independent restaurant owners engaged in a quality process. The profiles are sent to customers in search of good addresses, who can then also provide trusted reviews on the restaurants they visit.

In addition to a search engine and a news feed which make it possible to discover all the network’s restaurants’ posts, the general public can be active in the network by posting client reviews. The process is simple: a photograph of the receipt (essential) will open the module which makes it possible to enter your review. There are two types of review: public, which can be seen by all the users but also, private, which are shared by the restaurant owner and the customer only. The service provided by Rezto is free for the general public and is accessible via a monthly or annual subscription for restaurant professionals.

The Rezto team is an “Innovative Tourism in Nouvelle-Aquitaine” call for projects winner and as such, received a subsidy from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. The start-up is also backed by Bpifrance and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Agency for development and innovation. Almost one hundred restaurant owners have already subscribed to the platform and the feedback received made it possible to enhance the platform this summer. Three sales representatives were recruited in September to develop Rezto throughout the region, most especially in Gironde and Béarn.


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