Spot set to reopen on 1st September

Thierry Cornu ©Agglo/V.Biard

After several weeks of being closed over the summer, the Izarbel restaurant in Bidart will open its doors once again on Tuesday 1st September. Spot’s eight employees are preparing for the reopening with hygiene and safety measures, new layouts and arrangements and services. Progress update with Thierry Cornu, one of the restaurant managers.  

  • Why did the Spot close for almost two months?

The situation with Covid-19 resulted in a lot of remote work, and people who worked on the Izarbel science park site were also on holiday. What’s more, the bridge closure reduced access to the restaurant for tourists and locals. Therefore, we decided to close the restaurant at the end of July to do some renovation work and work on the outdoor facilities. There are a lot of vegetation and trees around Spot, as such we will fit out our terraces that bit more.

  • What’s the plan?

We want to create a lively atmosphere outside the restaurant by setting up a stand fitted out with a grill where a chef will cook in front of people. We will be serving more local products and regional specialities. Moreover, we are proud to have the Maître Restaurateur label recognising culinary excellence for the last three years now.

  • Who is Spot’s clientele?

Spot works mainly with customers in Izarbel: entrepreneurs, employees, and ESTIA students for whom we have a dedicated self-service offering. There are also occasional customers made up of tourists and locals. You can eat well in many restaurants, but customers also enjoy being in a place where they can relax and chat: the aim is for people to enjoy themselves. In the morning, we also have workgroups who make the most of the peace and quiet in the restaurant.

  • In addition to your bar and snack services, what else do you offer companies?

Given the social distancing measures in place, it will be challenging of course, but we offer a cocktail service for meetings, buffets for social events, and specially designated areas for other events such as press conferences.  


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