A forum in Izarbel dedicated to apprenticeships in the digital sector

The second edition of the “Apprentissage Now” forum dedicated to promoting apprenticeships in the digital and engineering sectors will take place in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in Bidart at the Izarbel Technology Park on April 3.

The “Apprentissage Now” forum aims to showcase the local training possibilities for the digital professions and to establish contacts between students and companies who are recruiting. The second edition will be held in Limoges, Poitiers, Agen and Bidart.

The forum in Bidart will be organised in cooperation with the Basque Country Digital Technology Cluster in ESTIA’s premises located at the Izarbel Technology Park.  On April 3, the forum will begin with a morning dedicated to business owners, careers guidance and training professionals  and recruiters, etc. The new FAFIEC provisions on apprenticeships will be presented first, followed by testimonials and feedback.

The results of a survey conducted by the SYRPIN, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Union for the I.T. and Digital Professions, on the expectations and aspirations of young people from the Y and Z generations regarding digital companies in Nouvelle Aquitaine will also be presented.

The afternoon will be dedicated to people looking for apprenticeships, such as students and job seekers.

Register here at: www.helloasso.com/associations/syrpin/evenements/apprentissage-now-2-bidart-3-avril-2019

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