A new president for the Basque Country Digital Cluster

Marie-José Burucoa. ©DR

Marie-José Burucoa, manager of Novaldi, the digital services company specialised in the creation of web sites and applications, has taken over from Jean-Louis Mélin, who presided over the Basque Country Digital Cluster organisation since its foundation.

Launched in February 2015 at the Izarbel Technology Park, the Basque Country Digital Cluster brings together companies who are specialised in the creation of software and added-value digital services in the Basque Country.  The organisation's reach has broadened recently to encompass the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and South Landes departments, with a regional support mission for the development of employment and skills in this area.  The organisation was thus renamed ‘Basque Country Digital Cluster - Pays Basque & Pays de l’Adour’.

Following the latest annual general meeting and board meeting, the new board is as follows:

  • President: Marie-José Burucoa, Novaldi;
  • Vice President: Jean Louis Mélin, Izarlink;
  • Treasurer: Jean Michel Mathieu, Exakis;
  • Secretary: Owen Lagadec, Poplidays;
  • Manuel Llop, Matsiya
  • Lucia Lema, Bizkor;
  • Guest members: Elodie Planchenault, Basque Country Urban Community, Hélène Marty and Eric Barquissau, ESTIA Entreprendre.

Marie-José Burucoa, the new president of the organisation, manages  Novaldi, a company created at the Izarbel Technology Park 16 years ago  which now employs a team of 10 people.  Treasurer of the cluster for two years, she is taking over from Jean-Louis Mélin, who has been president of the organisation since its foundation.  ‘I’d like to pay tribute to the wonderful job Jean-Louis Mélin has done. I’m fully committed to the missions which the cluster has assigned to itself to support the growth of digital sector businesses who have chosen to locate in the Basque Country and Adour region’ she says. 

‘The Basque Country Digital Cluster was created to show that the Basque Country is also a region of excellence in the digital field and to help companies in the digital sector to form and grow.  Work themes and concrete actions have been implemented regarding training, recruitment, communication, legal matters and certification.  The aim is help build awareness among leaders, companies and public bodies of the fact that excellent skills are to be found locally.  It is not always necessary to look to big cities to find suppliers and potential partners.  We must also develop cross-border synergies. We are going to work on all this, as a team, with the members of the board and the invaluable collaboration of Marie-Chantal Duguine, who leads the cluster ’, Marie-José Burucoa adds.

Web site: www.pays-basque-digital.fr

Employment web platform: emplois.pays-basque-digital.fr

Training web platform: formations.pays-basque-digital.fr

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