Aircraft components using bamboo fibers soon to be manufactured at Compositadour

Following 12 months of research, the BAMCO project partners, including the Compositadour platform at the Technocité technology park in Bayonne, now plan to manufacture and test bamboo biocomposites intended for the aerospace industry.

To reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft, the BAMCO (BAmboo long fiber reinforced biobased Matrix COmposites) project partners are working together on an R&D project to design biosourced technical composites using long bamboo fibers as an alternative to polymer composites. The new materials could be used in aircraft cabin interiors, cover panels and fuselage cladding panels.

The project, undertaken by Expleo and six partners (COBRATEX, Arkema, SPECIFIC POLYMERS, MECANO ID, CIRIMAT, Compositadour) since the autumn of 2018, comes after four years of development by the Assystem Technologies group and the CIRIMAT laboratory in Toulouse. These lightweight biocomposite materials with high thermal resistance and good mechanical properties offer valuable prospects. 

The research conducted by the BAMCO project partners has therefore proven conclusive. Now, the aim in 2020 is to manufacture the first bamboo biocomposite sheets as well as conduct mechanical tests. Consequently, the Compositadour technological platform, located in Bayonne’s Technocité technology park and devoted to advanced materials, should begin producing the bamboo biocomposite sheets in the second quarter of this year.


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