ESTIA Foundation Offers Loans on Trust

With ESTIA Start, the ESTIA Foundation is setting up a 'loans on trust' fund to start up entrepreneurial projects. A Call for Projects has been launched with a June 1st deadline for submissions.

Created in 2008, the ESTIA business foundation supports the ESTIA engineering school by bringing together about twenty partner companies and encouraging strategic and innovative technology projects for ESTIA and the local ecosystem. In that context, the ESTIA foundation is launching a Call for Projects aimed at granting business owners unsecured, interest-free loans from €10,000 to €60,000. Loans on trust are subject to a five-year repayment plan with a 12-month deferral period maximum.

The selected project sponsors will also be able to benefit from ESTIA Entreprendre services (financial support, office, customized follow-up), the support department for entrepreneurs from the ESTIA engineering school at the Izarbel Technology Park in Bidart. Projects for the ESTIA Start ‘loans on trust’ fund must be submitted before June 1, 2020. 

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