Kompaï Robot Officially Launched

Kompaï Robotics ©Agglo/V.Biard

Designed for healthcare facilities, this robot for assisting patients and caregivers is being commercialized after a decade of R&D. Created by the company Kompaï Robotics at the Izarbel technology park in Bidart, this multi-function robot stands out from others due to its patented mobility-assistance system.

"This is the third generation of our Kompaï robot and it offers more advanced features than the previous ones, in particular a real mobility assistance system for patients, including walk-assist handlebars. It's a patented system," explained Vincent Dupourqué, founder of Kompaï Robotics(1), set up at the Izarbel technology park in Bidart since 2016.  

For the past two years or so, Kompaï Robotics has been working on developing this robot designed to help professional caregivers in their repetitive daily tasks and to help patients wherever they live. Kompaï has a geolocation system, a 3D-camera used for obstacle detection, animated eyes expressing emotions, voice assistance, a touchpad and, of course, software and applications...

Intended for healthcare facilities – nursing homes and hospitals –, Kompaï can be used for tasks including guidance or surveillance, individual and group entertainment, transporting small items in public areas, and helping residents with mobility. Tested in nursing homes in the Basque Country and currently operational, Kompaï is now available for market.  

"We believe Kompaï will become the reference robot in the healthcare field, thanks to its patented patient mobility assistance capability, but also due to its modular design, which allows it to be used for many repetitive tasks, or tasks presenting a risk to the caregiver," Vincent Dupourqué added.

Website: www.kompairobotics.com/fr

1) In 2019, the company was among the four winners of the “Atelier de l’Innovation” (Innovation Workshop), the Call for Projects awarded by the Basque Country Community. 

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