Wind Turbines for Individuals Coming Soon

Mathieu Haristoy et Thibault Eudier ©Agglo/V.Biard

The E-Taranis project team has moved into the Arkinova Business Generator to build small wind turbines intended for microgeneration of electric power by individuals and communities.

"Our project is based on producing small wind turbines made from as many bio-sourced, recyclable or recycled materials as possible. The aim is for individuals to be able to produce, store and use their own energy. A wind turbine can provide two-thirds of an average home's electricity consumption, excluding electric heating, depending on the wind characteristics of each geographical area, of course," said Thibault Eudier and Mathieu Haristoy, who initiated the E-Taranis project along with Jérémy Pelé and Alexis Sallaberry.

In early March, the E-Taranis team moved into the Arkinova Business Generator in Anglet. In the coming weeks, the four partners are going to create the company and launch its first production run of the wind turbine model they’ve christened "Alae". It's a small-scale (3 x 3 meters), patented wind turbine with three sails and can be mounted on a roof, a street light, or directly on the ground on top of a pole up to 12 meters high. One of the distinctive features of the Alae wind turbine is its vertical axis: it is not dependent on wind direction and makes no swishing noise, according to its designers.

Two prototypes have already been produced, especially in order to register the patent for the wind turbine that can operate at low wind speeds. Manufactured with unalloyed aluminum, wood from Burgundy birches and linen for the sails, the Alae wind turbine uses recyclable materials, except for its motor (charge controller, inverter, battery). Designed for use by individuals as well as communities, the Alae wind turbine is scheduled to be installed on three pilot sites in the Limoges Metropolitan Community.


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