Eight new student entrepreneurs at the Arkinova Business Generator

Le Générateur d'Activités Arkinova ©Agglo/V.Biard

The awarding committee of the Statut National Etudiant-Entrepreneur (= Student Entrepreneur National Status) (SNEE in French acronym), meeting on 22 October, selected 30 new students /young graduates, eight of whom will develop their project in the Agglomération Pays Basque area.

The projects of the student entrepreneurs from the Basque Coast who have obtained the SNEE are focussed on surfing, artisan cosmetics and agribusiness.

The award of this Student Entrepreneur National Status enables any student or young graduate (with at least baccalaureate-level qualifications) to develop their business project with the minimum of security and the benefit of individual and collective support over the period of one year.

The University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, which has made student entrepreneurship a major objective, especially in the ISITE E2S UPPA project, offers dedicated support to over 60 student entrepreneurs including 14 in the area of the Agglomération Pays Basque. 

The students who hold this status are hosted in the Hélioparc incubators in Pau (l’EntrePau) and at the Arkinova Business Generator in Anglet. Support is provided electronically and students will once more have access to the student hub of the Business Generator as soon as the health situation allows.

For more information: laura.claverie(at)univ-pau.fr 

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