The Tikoam furniture-divider concept is soon coming to Anglet

“It’s a system of furniture that allows you to configure the space of an apartment or structure and create a setting for its users to live in. These furniture-dividers are intended to replace plaster dividing walls in the design of shared housing. The idea is to offer accommodation that can evolve and be altered over time for different uses,” summarises Mathieu Sudres, architect and co-founder of the Tikoam Company. Based at the Arkinova Business Generator in Anglet, this architect’s agency has a team of eight architects, engineers and designers working on eco-innovative concepts.

The Communauté Pays Basque has decided to support this idea as part of its call for projects for Eco-innovation 2021. The Tikoam agency is one of five to be awarded and to receive a grant of 11000 euros on 26 November. The representatives of the Communauté d’agglomération Pays Basque and those of the ‘Pays basque industries’ association chose Créaluz, the business incubator and prototyping workshop dedicated to eco-innovation located at Saint-Jean-de-Luz, to award these prizes. Very appropriate because the common aim of these five award-winners is to reduce the environmental impact of their creation.

“The Communauté Pays Basque fund will help us to build a house in Anglet comprising two show apartments equipped with our solution. The site will be launched in January and the house will be open to visit in the summer of 2022,” says Mathieu Sudres. The project also has the support of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and Bpifrance. In addition to this project the Tikoam agency is also working on other architectural projects. As part of the call for projects entitled ‘Dessine-moi Toulouse’ (Design Toulouse for me) it won with the Nexity group, it will be contributing to the forthcoming construction of a group of 103 homes in Toulouse for which planning permission has been submitted.

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