A new cluster for sustainable development and construction in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

L'équipe du cluster Odéys le 14 mai. ©Odéys

The Odéys cluster which was created from the merger of Eco-habitat (Limousin-Poitou-Charentes) and the CREAHd Hub (Aquitaine), held its first general assembly on May 14, 2019. It currently has 400 members in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. 

By associating the members of the Eco-Habit Cluster, a network of eco-construction stakeholders from the Poitou-Charentes-Limousin Region, established in 2008, with those from the CREAHd  (Construction Ressources Environnement Aménagement and Habitat Durables), the regional hub for sustainable development and construction in Aquitaine, launched in 2006, the Odéys cluster currently has almost 400 members in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. 

The Odéys Cluster held its first general assembly at the CNAM-ENJMIN in Angoulême on 14 May 2019, where it stated its ambitions to be a catalyst, a facilitator and an accelerator for the environmental, digital, social and energy transition, as well as a means for changing behaviour in the construction industry and public works sectors, but also for professional organisations, regional authorities, training and research institutes, and contractors in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The Odéys Cluster’s missions are to develop competitivity and accelerate growth, offer services, facilitate the increase in skills for the sectors stakeholders and drive transversal innovation in the construction industry, namely by supporting and backing projects. Odéys has six regional offices in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Bordeaux, Poitiers, La Rochelle, Limoges, Saint-Géours-De-Maremne and Anglet at the Arkinova Business Generator. The new cluster’s president is Christophe Philipponneau (TIPEE), there is a team of 13 permanent staff headed by Catherine Herrero and Vincent Seppeliades. Benjamin Leroux is the manager and representative for the Odéys Cluster in Anglet. 

Contact the Odéys Cluster at Arkinova: Benjamin Leroux  - b.leroux creahd.com

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