Manuela Chanfreau wins an award from the Entreprendre Adour Network

Brice Pryzso, Manuela Chanfreau et Romain Violleau. ©Agglo/V.Biard

The founder of the Izarbel-based Butrfly agency will receive support from two business owners who are also based at the Technology Park: Brice Pryzso from Maxsea and Romain Violleau from On Rewind.

The Réseau Entreprendre Adour Association is made up of business owners from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Landes and Hautes-Pyrénées departments. The association awards loans of honour to individuals seeking to start up or take over businesses. The association also supplies individual support to the award winners, provided by working business owners, for two to three years.

Around a dozen award winners are selected in the Basque Country every year and benefit from group support through monthly clubs on different topics like management, communications, financial control and human resources jointly coordinated by an external stakeholder and Séverine Erran, the project officer.

Manuela Chanfreau was the 2019 award winner, after founding the Butrfly Agency with Anne-Claire Villaumé. The agency puts host families and young people aspiring to be au pairs into contact. The Butrfly Agency was set up in January at the Izarbel-based ESTIA Entreprendre Business generator.

“The main advantage is that the Entreprendre Adour network helps us to ask the right questions, take a step back, talk with other entrepreneurs, and question our strategies. In addition, the support is structured within a framework and obeys strict protocol, which obliges project holders to structure their project,” declared Manuela Chanfreau.

She will be advised by Brice Pryzso, the Izarbel-based Maxseas Managing Director, and Romain Violleau, the Entreprendre Adour Network’s 2016 award winner and co-founder of ‘On Rewind’, an Izarbel-based firm.

The 2018 Basque region award winners are:
Guilhem Arregle (Areta 64 / Freskoa), Florian Auger (Outercraft), Simon Dabadie (Dab Motors), Pierre Demaison (Services 2 Maison / Générale Des Services), Pierre Dubroca (Dubroca Bâtiment), Laurent Giroult (LCM Anglet), Anne Peres (Alaena Cosmétiques), Sauveur Petrissans (Embalogik).

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