Aguila Technologies celebrates its tenth anniversary


Aguila Technologies, which was created in Izarbel in 2009, now employs some 15 people and develops connected electronic technology. To celebrate ten years of activity, the company, which is headed by Hubert Forgeot, presented its innovations over the past decade. 

After training to become an engineer at HEC and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, Hubert Forgeot created Aguila Technologies to develop solutions in the field of connected objects. Ten years later, the company now specializes in small, low-energy, machine-to-machine electronic communication systems that use geolocation technology.

Working in various sectors such as transport and logistics, connected livestock, precision agriculture and industry 4.0, Aguila Technologies now employs around fifteen people in Izarbel. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the company invited customers and partners to enjoy an evening of entertainment in Anglet on 13 September. A review of its 10 years of innovation was presented before the celebrations began.


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