Alaloop Changes its Name to 'Maltem Insight Performance'

Bought out two years ago by Maltem Consulting group, the Alaloop company based at the Izarbel Park is continuing its integration within this consulting firm specialised in business performance and digital innovation.


Alaloop was created at the Izarbel Technology Park in 2008 by Jean-Louis Melin. An expert in permanent and continuous monitoring of applications and information networks for major accounts, Alaloop became a subsidiary of the Maltem Consulting group in 2014. Frédéric Leteurtre subsequently became director of operations and the business moved from the Créaticité C building to larger premises situated in the CCI business hotel.


Maltem Consulting group employs 770 people. Located in Paris, Lille, and Bidart, the group also has an international presence in Belgium, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Maltem Consulting group is specialised in the management of organisations and information systems in the financial, banking, insurance, and manufacturing domains.


By taking the name Maltem Insight Performance, Alaloop completes its integration into the group, which presents the company as its third subsidiary, having 'won major contracts in the past two years [...] thanks to the launch of innovative projects for CAC 40 players in the retail, manufacturing, energy, luxury, transport, and service sectors.' The group is currently publicising Maltem Insight Performance's offering in Asia with the aim of 'supporting new clients with their international growth'. Finally, the company adds that it is 'constantly on the lookout in terms of recruitment to expand its teams of experts: development, service delivery, etc.'


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