A Technology Partnership Based on the Ocean Economy Initiated with Reunion


On 3 November at the Izarbel Technology Park, Laboratoires de Biarritz and Reunion-based company Green Mascareignes, specialised in marine biotechnologies; the digital clusters of the Basque Country and Reunion; Kraken Subsea, an expert in marine renewable energies; Rivages Pro Tech and Casagec ingénierie focused on risk management, among others, shared their expertise at meetings organised between local authorities and companies from the Basque Country and Reunion. A delegation composed of councillors and business leaders from Reunion were welcomed to discover the Ocean Start technology project led by the Agglomeration and to discuss Marine Renewable Energies (MRE), coastal risk management, marine resources, and data management. 'We have the same preoccupations for the blue economy. And we identify with the same topics: the quality of bathing water, coastal risk management, marine energy, the promotion of marine resources, and digitalisation', explains Michel Veunac, Vice-President of the Basque Coast–Adour Agglomeration responsible for economic development and the ocean economy. Gérard Maillot, President of Cinor (North Reunion Local Authority) emphasised 'the benefit of building collaborative bridges between our two regions'. These discussions have given rise to a five-point technology partnership project identified by Sylvie Durruty, Vice-President of the Agglomeration responsible for economics, areas of excellence, and technology parks:


- wave power and ocean thermal energy

- the Coastal Scientific Interest Group and ocean risk management, in particular the risk of sharks in Reunion

- biotechnology with potential exchanges with laboratories in Reunion

- working with other digital clusters through collaborations between the two clusters

- training with ESTIA that could include a training residency in Reunion

- 'Beyond the pleasure of meeting one another, stakeholders from the Basque Country and Reunion have spoken of a real desire to work together', concluded Gérard Maillot. 'They intend to work on joint projects in the domain of the blue economy.' The next meeting is planned for the 24 and 25 November, at the NXsE 2016 show, which will bring together the digital leaders of Europe and Africa in Reunion.

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