A Solution for Accessing Public Services Electronically

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Document Image Solutions is to present the IT solutions it offers for dealing with new issues relating to managing electronic correspondence and documents for public authorities and government institutions. The talk will take place at the Izarbel Pavilion on Wednesday 9 November from 9.15 am until 11.15 am.


Based at the Izarbel Technology Park, the company Document Image Solutions (DIS) develops IT solutions based on the digitalisation of documents and their proper handling. DIS publishes software components and integrates paper-free solutions for written, spoken, and filmed content. 'The ruling of 6 November 2014 gives users the right to access government services electronically.


The SVE procedures (e-government access) are meant to be operational for the State and government institutions as of 7 November 2015, while public authorities must be able to manage these requests electronically by 7 November 2016, says DIS. To meet these technical requirements, the company is working in partnership with software publisher Maarch to offer an introductory talk about the electronic manager Maarch Courrier.

This presentation, titled 'implementing electronic requests for public authorities and government institutions' will take place on Wednesday 9 November from 9.15 am until 11.15 am at the Izarbel Pavilion.


Following the presentation, existing users will share their experiences, including managers from Bidart town council, which recently received the Maarch integrated solution from DIS.


All the information you need on the programme and registration can be found here.   

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