Wild Code School Job-dating on 7 December

The training school for IT developers is offering recruiters the chance to meet its future graduates. These web developers will be operational in the coming weeks thanks to short training courses and the innovative educational techniques of the Wild Code School in Izarbel.

After two-and-a-half months of intensive training, eleven developers will graduate from the Wild Code School in Izarbel on 18 December 2018.  Specialised in a programming language and a PHP/Symfony application framework, these developers will be operational to work on web projects and applications. 

16 out of the 19 developers who attended previous training courses at Izarbel are currently working in the region, while two others are pursuing their studies.

This training course, which includes real case studies and project creation with actual customers, is based on agile project management techniques (SCRUM) and collaborative tools and work methods. Students are also encouraged to monitor technical developments and to join professional communities to improve their skills.

A demonstration of their expertise will be organised on 17 December, but companies seeking IT developer profiles are invited to meet the students on Friday 7 December at the Wild Code School, in building ESTIA 2 at the Izarbel technology park. 

Are you interested in meeting these IT developers?

  1. Send an email to confirm your presence at the job-dating event and include a job description for the profile(s) you are seeking.
  2. You will then receive a list of potential candidates and their CVs.
  3. Interview(s) on 7 December.

Registration and information: sophiewildcodeschool.fr - +33(0)7 76 38 22 32

For more information: wildcodeschool.fr

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