Izarbel-based company SIG-IMAGE celebrates its 25th anniversary

Gilles Pichon devant les locaux de SIG-IMAGE. ©Agglo/V.Biard

The rise of the Izarbel-based company created by Gilles Pichon illustrates not only the boom in new technologies, but also the growth of the technology park ecosystem supported by the Basque Country Community of Districts.

Founded in Bayonne in 1993 by Gilles Pichon, SIG-IMAGE moved to the Izarbel Technology Park in 1996.  Specialised in the publication of software and services for public works players, SIG-IMAGE provides solutions for dematerialisation, studies and electricity, gas, water and telecom networks. Gilles Pichon’s company has thirty employees and has occupied its own purpose-built premises at Izarbel since 2007.

When SIG-IMAGE first located to Izarbel, the site consisted of just three buildings with the School for Advanced Industrial Technologies (ESTIA), the Pavillon Izarbel and the newly-inaugurated business incubator of the Bayonne-Basque Country Chamber of Commerce. Internet was at its beginnings in France and the Izarbel site specialised in these new information and communication technologies. Today Izarbel is a key player in the sector of cutting-edge digital services and industries and provides more than one thousand jobs via a hundred companies in 16 buildings.

Digital services

In addition to software solutions for studies, Gilles Pichon has developed two other digital service suites: DICT Services creates the notification of start of works which is obligatory for companies carrying out works on public roadways, while GEOLux facilitates the management and maintenance of public lighting. SIG-IMAGE is actively invested in research and innovation. The company is engaged in augmented and virtual reality, among other areas. After three years of research in this field, SIG-IMAGE will be offering its customers immersive and innovative work tools in the near future.

Along with his business activities, Gilles Pichon is also actively involved in the Izarbel Technology Park ecosystem and more broadly in the economic development of the Basque Country. He was elected to the Bayonne-Basque Country Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is a member of the ESTIA board of directors and SIG-IMAGE is a founding member of the school’s foundation. Gilles Pichon is also a member of Adour Business Angels. Lastly, he participates in seminars for entrepreneurs, where he intervenes on the topic of ‘the free director’ and reducing interdependence between a leader and their company.

Website: www.SIG-IMAGE.fr

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