ISO 9001 certification: 2015 for Aguila Technologies

Hubert Forgeot, créateur et dirigeant d'Aguila Technologies ©Agglo/V.Biard

The Izarbel-based company specialising in electronic communication systems and smart devices has just obtained the international ISO 9001 certification 2015, which specifies the requirements relative to quality management systems.

Aguila Technologies which was set up by Hubert Forgeot at the Izarbel Technology Park in 2009, today employs some fifteen people. Aguila Technologies is specialised in small scale, low energy consumption electronic communication systems (machine to machine) with onboard  geo-localisation.

Aguila Technologies’ business includes solutions & services, research & development,  engineering & design office. The company develops innovative Internet of Things solutions dedicated to business alternatives for the smart agriculture sector, industry and smart transport & logistics.

International quality standards  

ISO 9001 was created by the International Standards Organisation in 1987 and is a standard which defines quality management systems, it is reviewed every six to eight years. The latest review of the international standard took place in 2015 and ensures the application of the core principles of quality management within companies.

For companies like Aguila Technologies, obtaining this certification means getting better recognition on national and international markets. “Since 2009, Aguila’s know-how and ability to lead complex and innovative projects have been acknowledged by our clients and partners. Our quest for excellence in terms of quality has led us to obtain an ISO 9001 certification,” stated Hubert Forgeot.


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