Back to school meeting for the Basque Country Digital Cluster


The digital-sector companies that are members of the Basque Country Digital Cluster met up in Bidart to hold a social gathering.

The association was created and is based on the Izarbel Technology Park Site in Bidart and brings together some fifty companies representing nearly 1,000 employees in the Basque Country and Pays de l’Adour regions. Chaired by Marie Jo Burucoa, director of Novaldi, the Basque Country Digital Cluster is supported by the Basque Country Urban Authority. 

To start the year, on 19 September, the association invited its members to a cocktail reception by the sea in Bidart. Marie Jo Burucoa presented a review of the cluster's actions focusing on five main areas: business development, communication, employee training, talent recruitment and pooling services.

As members had requested more opportunities to get together and exchange ideas, one of the announcements at the meeting was the organization of a lunch on the first Tuesday of every month. The first lunch is scheduled for Tuesday 1st October at 12:30 at Le Spot d'Izarbel restaurant.  Another meeting with ‘job dating’ is organised for 15 October and will also be held at the Izarbel site.

Information and registration at:

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