The Juriactes app is now online

L'équipe de Juriactes @DR

The Juriactes app, a platform that gives legal professionals the opportunity to create paperless legal documents, is now operational and has its first users.

The app was created by legal expert Yannick Couturier and software engineers Vincent Mimoun-Prat and Nicolas Chabrier. Since July 2018, it has been based at the ESTIA Entreprendre business incubator on the Izarbel Technology Park site. "Our original concept was to save time for legal and accounting professionals by providing them with legal documents," explains Yannick Couturier.

The platform was created in partnership with the Basque Country Urban Authority, which awarded an incubation grant to the project. Now, after a year of development, version 1 of the app is operational. The tool allows law firms, accountants and corporate lawyers to carry out legal formalities. Juriactes also offers them real-time analyses of their clients' legal situation as well as alerts on important issues that need to be treated as a priority.

“Our app is made for small firms and aims to help local businesses in the Adour Basin. This is different to our competitors, who focus on national firms. We already have a number of customers," says Yannick Couturier.

The launch of Juriacties this autumn comes at just the right time. The app will help legal and accounting firms respond to the changes to their profession caused by the PACTE law, which comes into force on 1st October 2019. As well as creating legal documents, Juriactes offers services and contact with partners and experts.


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