Successful Thesis Defense by Jacques Pere-Laperne

Jacques Père-Laperne ©Agglo/V.Biard

Based at the ESTIA incubator within the Izarbel technology park for the past three years, Jacques Pere-Laperne recently defended his thesis on “Restructuring Unstructured Documents” and is now launching the industrialization phase of that innovative process. 

After having founded the company Algo’Tech Informatique with his wife in 1999 at the ESTIA incubator (and selling it in 2013), Jacques Pere-Laperne moved back to the Izarbel incubator in October 2016 with a new project. The aim? Writing a thesis over a three-year period on the topic of restructuring unstructured documents.

Last November 18th, Jacques Pere-Laperne successfully presented his thesis entitled “Restructuring Unstructured Documents”. Now with a doctorate in Information Technology, he plans on pursuing his research by developing software capable of reconstituting the initial information from graphic vector files in order to rework it. The process makes it possible to exploit a number of file types, in particular documents with graphics, drawings, diagrams and blueprints to use their data, extract it and analyze it thanks to artificial intelligence.

Already tested by the industrial group Comau and presented at CES 2018 and 2019 in Las Vegas, as well as at SOFINS 2019, Jacques Pere-Laperne’s project is being developed via the company 1A3i created at Izarbel. Recently hired IT engineer Alexandre Pere-Laperne has joined the start-up, which has moved into the incubator. “After three years of fundamental research, I have two years to industrialize the research work and then market it,” Jacques Pere-Laperne announced following his thesis presentation.

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