Digital transformation with Aurera and IForm

Yves Boutin Desvignes ©Agglo/V.Biard

The Aurera and Iform companies managed by Yves Boutin Desvignes and based at the Izarbel Technology Park in Bidart, among other sites, provide IT consulting, services and training solutions.

“Aurera was set up in Paris in 2016 and provides consulting and other IT services for key accounts. Some thirty people work in the company and half of them are based at Izarbel in Bidart” said Yves Boutin Desvignes. As former founder of Exakis which he left in 2013, Yves Boutin Desvignes hopes to make Aurera a leader in cloud consulting and expertise, and more particularly in Public Cloud infrastructure services. “At a time when corporate IT services are being outsourced and infrastructures are being transformed, the profession is changing and we are accompanying our clients through this change,” he explained.

In contrast with Aurera, whose main activity is consulting, IForm is a professional training organisation which was developed mainly for businesses and their IT managers. The two  firms are developing synergies, with IForm’s services reinforcing the implementation of Aurera’s clients’ transformation activities. “We offer a broad range of IT development and systems engineering training solutions. We have over 200 customers, including Thales, our first client”, he explained. Even if IForm’s business is mainly centred in large cities such as Toulouse, the company does also dispense training at the Izarbel site. With time, more employees should be hired at Aurera’s Bidart site.


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