The Baitykool project presented at the Arkinova Business Generator in Anglet


The BaityKool project was presented at the Arkinova Business Generator in Anglet to the local business owners involved in the sustainable solar construction competition.

20 university teams from all around the world took part in the Solar-Decathlon Middle-East 2018 in Dubai at the end of 2018. Their challenge was to build a high-performance, highly innovative, sustainable, solar house suitable for very hot climates. 

Baitykool, led by students and professors from the University of Bordeaux, was the only French project in the competition. It finished in third place and won four prizes at the inter-university contest. There were some forty public and private-sector partners from Nouvelle-Aquitaine involved, including the Nobatek/INEF4 Technology Resource Centre based at the Arkinova Technology Park and the Basque Country-Adour Urban Authority.

On 8 March, the Arkinova Business Generator hosted a project presentation conference organised within the framework of the Ark’innoves events created by the Basque Country-Adour Urban Authority. These Ark’innoves events are held at the Arkinova Business Generator in the Basque Country Technology Park as part of the coordination of the Sustainable Construction and DevelopmentStrategic Area. The conference was co-organised by the CREAHd who also supported the Baitykool project.

Several firms which took part in the construction of the 90 m2 house gave their feedback, such as Mr. Salaberry from the Echart Group who supplied the high-performance, fibre-reinforced concrete envelope, or Bertrand Canigiani who developed the aquaponics technology: an 800-litre aquarium window with planter boxes, inserted into a wall panel.

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