An application on bathing conditions has been developed at Izarbel

The Basque Country Urban Authority has launched Kalilo, an application informing people on the quality and conditions of bathing areas on the Basque Coast. Kalilo was designed by the company Setavoo based at the Izarbel Technology Park in Bidart.

Setavoo won the tender launched by the Basque Country Urban Authority. The goal was to create an application which informs users about bathing conditions at the Basque Coast’s 35 beaches as well as the Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle Lake. “The Kalilo application was developed by our teams in Izarbel with some further work by a design specialist from Saint-Jean-de-Luz,” said Philippe Massé, managing director of the company, founded in 2014. The Kalilo application was officially launched at the beginning of June, and can be downloaded free of charge on Apple Store and Android.

Kalilo provides free, important information about the quality and conditions of water for bathers, swimmers, surfers and water sports enthusiasts, in four languages (French, Basque, English and Spanish). The data are updated throughout the day thanks to the expertise of Centre Rivages Pro Tech. “A number of the data used by the application are supplied by Rivages Pro Tech in the framework of a partnership led by the Basque Country Urban Authority,” explained Philippe Massé.

Rivages Pro Tech, which was created at the Izarbel Technology Park in Bidart in 2006, is a SUEZ Group pilot centre which develops laboratory testing techniques, digital modelling processes and predictive pollution management solutions for aquatic environments. The Kalilo application it makes it possible to forecast the changes in the quality of water in some areas throughout the day.

Kalilo informs users if beaches are open or closed due to the quality of the water. Tests are performed every morning and are likely to be repeated if there are any sudden changes (heavy rain, incident in the sewage network, etc.). The flag colours for determining the bathing conditions, the times the beaches are guarded, the weather conditions (air temperature, UV index, wind, and swell,) as well as services (activity accessibility, sanitary facilities) are also communicated.

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