Wikicampers joins "EntreprisesEngagés64"

The platform for renting campervans and converted vans between private individuals, created and based in Izarbel, has become a member of the initiative mobilising companies around road risk.

A departmental version of the national operation of the same name, Entreprises Engagées 64 was initiated by the Pyrénées-Atlantiques prefecture in partnership with the consular chambers. The idea is to encourage company managers to better understand road risk, which is the most significant of all professional risks. Approximately one hundred companies, professional organisations, local authorities and associations from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques area have already joined the initiative.

The Wikicampers start-up, which provides an online platform for advertising campervan hire between individuals, also recently joined "Entreprises Engagées 64". Offering a range of services to optimise transactions between private individuals, Wikicampers also alerts users of compliance with traffic regulations. 

As part of the "Entreprises Engagées 64" initiative, four of the company's employees received training in "Road risk prevention related to campervan driving" to increase their awareness of the specificities of driving such vehicles and to help prevent risks inherent to this size of vehicle. They also learned the right actions to help drivers manoeuvre. Other training sessions are planned for the rest of the team.

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